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Tak susah sebenarnya kalau nak import binatang peliharaan

FAQ on Pet Import

Is there a restriction on the type of pets that can be imported?

Certain breeds of dogs cannot be imported into the country while there are restrictions on the import of some other breeds of dogs. Please refer to the LIST of Banned / Restricted Breeds of Dogs and Conditions for the approval of importation of Restricted Breeds of dogs.
Exotic pets of wildlife origin may be subject to wildlife conservation conditions under the CITES. Please refer to the
Department of Wildlife and National Parks for details

How do I import pets into Malaysia ?

Imports are subject to import regulations of the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS). For types of animals and products not listed, please write to us for specific regulations.
Is there a minimum age requirement for importation? Dogs and cats shall be at least 3 months of age at the time of import.

How many pets can I import?

There is no restriction on the number of pets that can be imported by a person. However the local authorities in Malaysia may have regulations pertaining to the number of dogs that can be kept within residential premises.
Is it necessary to microchip my pet? This is not necessary (except for restricted breeds of dogs) but it is adviseable.

Do I need an Import Permit?

You are required to obtain an import permit from this department to be able to import pets into Malaysia. Pets arriving without import permits may not be allowed entry by the animal quarantine officers at the point of entry. To import an exotic animal or a wildlife as pet you may also be required to obtain an approval from the Department of Wildlife Conservation and National Parks prior to applying for the import permit from DVS.
Where do I obtain an import permit?
For importation into Peninsular Malaysia import permits shall be obtained from the Directors of
State Veterinary departments or the Director General, Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia
For importation into the States of
Sabah and Sarawak, enquiries and application shall be made to those states concerned.

How do I obtain an import permit?

You should submit the application together with a copy of current vaccination records and import permit fee of five Ringgit (RM 5.00) per dog/cat. The fee can be paid in cash or by bank draft, money order or postal order, made payable to the Director General of Veterinary Services Malaysia or the Director of the State concerned. Applicants outside the country may submit applications by post or through a local representative (friend, relative or agent in Malaysia). You may obtain the Application Form from the abovementioned offices OR
download the
Microsoft Word version OR print out the application

How long does it take to obtain an import permit?

The Permit is issued within a day

What is the validity period of the import permit?

The import permit is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
The pet on arrival to Malaysia shall be accompanied with a Veterinary Health Certificate issued by the Veterinary Health Authority of the exporting country as per import regulations.
Requirements or procedures during actual importation Imports are subject to
import regulations of the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS).

What are the requirements or procedures during actual importation?

Pets can only be imported as manifested cargo and shall be declared to the Animal Quarantine Officer at the landing point for entry clearance.

Do I need to inform the entry point of the arrival of my pet?

It is not compulsory but it will be good to inform the Animal Quarantine Officer at the point of entry (see list of entry points) with details of estimated arrival time and flight details for faster entry clearance.

What happens if on import, I did not comply to the regulations and procedures?

The pet may not be allowed entry or shall be subject to any action deemed fit by the Animal Quarantine Officer.

Entry Point Clearance

Is there a restriction on point of entry?

Pets shall land for entry clearance only at the point of entry specified in the import permit. Pets that require quarantine may only land at the KLIA, Penang or Padang Besar where quarantine facilities are available.

Can my pet transit to another point of entry in Malaysia?

Pets are required to land and clear entry at the point of entry specified in the import permit. Transit of the pet to other points of entry is not allowed without clearance by the Animal Quarantine officer at the specified entry point.

Are there charges incurred for entry clearance?

Apart from the Customs charges, entry of pets is subject to veterinary inspection charges.

What documents will be required for clearance at the entry point?

The original copies of the import permit, the health certificate from the veterinary authority of the exporting country and CITES approval (where necessary) shall be submitted to the Animal Quarantine Officer for clearance. All documents shall be in Bahasa Malaysia or English.

What is the validity period of the health certificate?

Veterinary ealth Certificates shall be dated within 7 days of export unless specified otherwise in the import regulation.

Does it matter if I do not travel with my pet?

The pet may travel unaccompanied. A local representative (friend, relative or agent in Malaysia) may be appointed by the owner to handle clearance at the point of entry and to attend to quarantine matters.


Is my pet subject to quarantine and what is the duration of quarantine?

Dogs and cats from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei and Singapore are not subject to quarantine provided the pets are healthy and all documents are in order. Dogs and cats from other countries are subject to a minimum of 7 days quarantine.

Which are the entry points with quarantine facilities?

Quarantine facilities for dogs and cats are available at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at Sepang, Penang International Airport, and Padang Besar (Perlis-Thai border).
Do I need to make quarantine reservation for my pet? For uarantinable pets, import permits shall be issued only upon confirmation of quarantine space which is determined by the Animal Quarantine Station concerned. Hence once the import permit is issued, it means quarantine is reserved for the arrival.

How do I get my pet to the quarantine station?

The Animal Quarantine Officer at the point of entry will assist in the transport of pets to the quarantine station.

Can I visit my pet during quarantine?

Yes, owners and anyone authorised by him is allowed to visit the pets daily between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm. However, visitors are advised to strictly observe all rules and regulations of the quarantine station.

What are the quarantine charges?

The quarantine charge for dogs and cats is approximately RM 79.00 and RM 72.00 per week respectively. This charge is exclusive of feed and any treatment costs that may be incurred.

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